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Custom Fit earplugs

Serving greater portland since 1999

All Ears products are all custom-fit to your ears and provide protection & comfort for years! 

All Ears products are all 100% Made In America!          Always The Best For A Lot Less!

American Made Matters!

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Loud Hobby - Custom Hearing Protection.

Many loud hobbies have a lot in common with most loud occupations and therefore, 

All Ears offers the same outstanding, comfortable, custom-fit, earplugs 

for your personal/private use as for large construction, manufacturing, processing, mining, automotive and 

industrial workforce. 


WorkOccupational Ear Gear - Custom-Fit Hearing Protection.

               It's  About Comfort, Compliance and Cutting Cost!

If your company is spending more than $2.00 a month, per employee, on hearing protection we really should talk. See 
PDF 2017 .
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We may go to your location! Group minimums apply based on distance.

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When it comes to hearing protection, custom means comfort, better compliance and substantial savings of up to 85%. See Cost Savings Chart.    

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              We're All Ears And We Really Should Talk!

From "roll ups" and earmuffs to our Canadian, competitor's earplugs,

we have made sure that you will not find a better hearing protection option. When you think Canada, think hockey. When you think, 100% American made, custom, hearing protection, for your employees, think ALL Ears Hearing Products And Services.

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See the Cost Savings Chart

Unless your company is operating in a "business as usual" mode, maybe it's time to get a lot more for less, and maybe it's time to retire your old supplier and buy American Made. 


Buy Local, Buy American Made...It Really Makes A difference! 


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We may go to your location!     Group minimums apply based on distance. 

To get a price quote or to arrange for a group fitting, call us 503-775-9069, or  or email