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Custom Swimmers Ear Gear

            Custom Comfort That Lasts For Years!

                                   Starting at $70.00 


IM2 Escapes comfortable, custom earplugs, are made from and coated with silicone, providing the highest level of water repellency.  Available In Red, Blue, Orange, Tan, Purple Simply put, these are outstanding swim plugs that provide the wearer the maximum seal 

against water. 

Just $70.00 a pair. Protective storage case included.30-Day Money Back Guarantee.  See more information on the the left side of this page. Price includes everything.


IM2 Pros earplugs are made from and coated with silicone, providing the highest level of water repellency. 

like the IM2 Escapes, these are outstanding swim plugs that provide the wearer the maximum seal against 

water. Just $70.00 a pair, with handles with removable 

neck cord. Price includes everything.

IM2 Pros and IM2 Escapesare made from Insta-MoldTM   30-Day Money Back Guarantee. If you don't love them we want them back!         

Chameleon Ears 

Like the IM2 Escapes and IM2 ProsChameleon 

Ears make great swim plugs. The difference is they float and your color options are nearly endless.

Additionally, if you use swim plugs several hours a week, week in and week out, for years then Chameleon Ears are the ideal swim plugs for you. $120.00 a pair

Price includes shipping to and from the lab.    

Learn more about Chameleon Ears and see all your amazing color options, which include glow-in-the-dark!

Custom Sleeping Ear Gear

The following product require impressions, to be made. If you have any questions or if you would like to schedule an appointment, to be professionally fitted, call  All Ears.                                    


        Custom Comfort The Lasts For Years!

Are you tired of being tired from not being able to get a "sound"? Escape from those disturbances that prevent you from getting a truly restful sleep, with IM2 Escapes, custom earplugs. 

With these comfortable custom earplugs, you can quickly and comfortably lower the volume on irritating, unwanted and disturbing noise.

Lack of sleep can not only make your days less productive but can cause depression and accidents.

If the only thing keeping you from getting a proper amount of sleep is unwanted noise an auditory disturbances, than don't wait another day or take another pill, when all you need are IM2 Escapes.

Besides being great as super comfortable sleep plugs 

IM2 Escapes custom earplugs, have no end to their usefulness in reducing annoying, and eliminate 

harmful, noise.  

So don't wait any longer to have ALL EARSmake 

your Escapes.

Just $70.00 pair and they are made in minutes and last for years! Price includes everything.

They are also GREAT FOR:

Loud Hobbies    Shared Living    Loud Sports   Sleeping

 Airline Travel     Vacuuming     Swimming    Indoor Motor Shows    Lawn Mowing    Meditation     

Blocking Wind    Motorcyclists   

Animal Shelters    Loud Neighbors    MRIs     Loud  Crowds    Raceways     Sky Diving   Surfing    Noisy Offices    Bicycling          Public Commuting   Daycare Centers   Concerts   Boot Camp   

You Name It!

Yes, there seems to be no end to loud, unwanted noise and these comfortable, custom earplugs are worth their weight in gold, because in addition to protecting your hearing, from hearing loss,they reduce or eliminate stress and fatigue caused by irritating and/or damaging noise.

Irritating sounds or sounds loud enough to cause hearing loss, are in fact, noise pollution. Noise pollution, like any type of pollution, can have a negative impact on our health. The good news is, noise pollution is something you can easily and very comfortably eliminate.

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