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​IM2 Port-Alls, Come with a "IM2 Port Plug" that can be easily inserted, to provide up to 31 dB. NRR. of hearing protection, and can easily be removed to allow direct sound. 

Made in minutes and last for years!

Just $80.00/pair.    Add $100 for OTS Monitors.

Don't fuss with a "crap shoot" kit! Get a risk-free, pro-custom fit, Made In About An Hour!

More excellent custom, earplug, lab-made 

options for motorcyclists!

Stay protected and connected with: 

     iPlugz                      Chameleon Ears                                                 
Be in control of your riding safety and ride on!

All Ears Hearing Products And Services 
Proudly promote TEAM Oregon Motorcycle Safety Program. ​

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Don't let unwanted, fatigue causing, noise take away from your riding enjoyment! 

Noise destroys! Road noise can be harmful to your hearing, causes fatigue and detracts from the overall enjoyment of your riding experience. 

Sure you can use off the shelf earplugs to remedy the negative effects of road noise but as anyone who has a pair of custom-fit earplugs can attest, when it comes to comfort there is no substitute for a well made pair of custom earplugs. 

The following products are all great for wearing under a helmet so just click the link next to the picture(s) for more information and step up to fuss-free comfort! 

No transference, no vibration, just great noise block and absolute comfort. 29.8 Db. NRR. This is as high as the highest rated earmuffs.

Made in minutes and last for years. 
Just $55.00/pair. Made In About An Hour! 

Custom-Fit Professional

In-Ear Musicians Monitors.

Several models to choose from and even more color options.

Click the


for much



prices &


These professional grade in-ear monitors are great for: Vocalists, Recording Artists, Keyboard Players, Drummers, Lead/Bass Guitar 

Players, Professional Stage Musicians, Sound 

Board/Audio Engineer Operators, Studio/Touring Bands, Worship Groups, People who want an in-ear system with the capacity to deliver what their high-end personal, audio systems produce. 

All Ears products are all custom-fit to your ears and provide protection & comfort for years! 

All Ears products are all 100% Made In America!          Always The Best For A Lot Less!

Escapes are low profile custom earplugs that are perfect for use with full face helmets. And everything else!

IM2 Port-Alls Custom Earplugs ~ For use with
your off the shelf ear buds or our OTS Monitors.

These are a must have for musicians including those in marching bands and those who work in loud environments but need to hear customers.

Click custom musician filtered earplugs.

Custom-Fit Motorcyclists Ear Gear.

Comfortably, Escape

Harmful or Unwanted Noise,

Anytime And Anywhere!  

 To Protect, Reduce And Hear!