All Ears products are all custom-fit to your ears and provide protection & comfort for years! 

All Ears products are all 100% Made In America!          Always The Best For A Lot Less!

The IM2 Pros are custom-fit to your ears, made in minutes, yet, last for years!  

IM2 stands Insta-Mold II. Learn about Insta-Mold II   Price includes everything even a carry/storage case.

Custom IM2 Pros Earplugs - around 30 dB. NRR.

Great for loud occupations, loud hobbies, shooting  sports and much more. $70.00  

The following custom-fit product(s) require impressions to be made at All Ears HP&S, located in NE Portland Oregon.

If you have any questions or would like to schedule an appointment, to be professionally fit, call 503-775-9069, or email us at

All Ears offers the largest selection of custom-fit, earplugs and a professional fit you wont get from any "crap shoot", "DIY" kit.

Easily & Comfortably, Escape Harmful or Unwanted Noise, Anytime And Anywhere! With A Pair of Custom-Fit Earplugs From All Ears!

All Ears has something for all ears, including yours! If you use hearing protection to any extent...upgrading to custom is money well spent!

Please note. A dB NNR, (noise reduction rating),

 of around 30 offers the highest degree of hearing 

protection possible. 

See Sound Ed.

Thank you for considering All Ears Hearing Products & Services for your hearing heath care needs!

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