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Serving greater portland since 1999

All Ears products are all custom-fit to your ears and provide protection & comfort for years! 

All Ears products are all 100% Made In America!          Always The Best For A Lot Less!

Made In America Matters!

Custom IM2 Escapes Earplugs - Around 30 dB. NRR Great for sleeping, loud crowds, blocking wind and for wearing under a helmet ie, motorcyclists. $70.00
Available in other color colors.

The IM2 Escapes are custom-fit to your ears, made in minutes, yet, last for years!  

IM2 stands Insta-Mold II. Learn about Insta-Mold II   Price includes everything even a carry/storage case.

The following custom-fit product(s) require impressions to be made at All Ears HP&S, located in NE Portland Oregon. 

If you have any questions or would like to schedule an appointment, to be professionally fit, call 503-775-9069, or email us at

Please note. A dB NNR, (noise reduction rating),

 of around 30 offers the highest degree of hearing 

protection possible. 

See Sound Ed.

All Ears has something for all ears, including yours! If you use hearing protection to any extent...upgrading to custom is money well spent.
Easily & Comfortably, Escape Harmful or Unwanted Noise, Anytime And Anywhere! With A Pair of Custom-Fit Earplugs From All Ears!

All Ears offers the largest selection of custom-fit, earplugs and a professional fit you

wont get from any

"crap shoot", "DIY" kit.

Thank you for

considering All Ears

Hearing Products

& Services for your hearing heath care needs! 

See A&E Intro Video.

​​There seems to be no end to loud, unwanted noise!!! You just want to escape it or TURN IT DOWN!

From screaming kids, a spouse that snores, a noisy co-worker, a barking dog or that "Chatty Kathy" that you end up sitting next to on the plane, bus or rail... you may be getting an "Ear Full" of unwanted sounds/NOISE. 

Irritating sounds, or sounds loud enough to cause hearing loss, are in fact, noise pollution. Noise pollution, like any type of pollution, can have a negative impact on our health and well-being in addition to our hearing.

The good news is, stressful and harmful noise pollution is something you can easily and very comfortably eliminate...along with Chatty Kathy.

Put Noise In It's Place (Poem)

Reduce the noise of a crowd roar, the wind at the shore, the neighbors next door and the really loud snorer.

Get peace and quiet on a commuter train, or an

airplane, or that noisy office before you go insane!

You can use our custom earplugs for years! And

that's quite a while to conveniently eliminate 

harmful or stress causing noise in comfort and style.

With All Ear's 30-day guarantee, they are sure to

 put a smile on your face because they so comfortably 

put noise in it's place! - K. Wolf

  Custom Earplugs... Everyone 

Needs A Pair Comfortably, Escape 

Unwanted Noise, Anytime And Anywhere!