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The following custom-fit product(s) require impressions to be made at All Ears HP&S, located in NE Portland Oregon. 

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Hocks Noise Brakers®

Hearing Protection For All Reasons!    

Hocks Noise Brakers® filtered provide 19 dB. NRR. $130 a pair and the solid non-filtered provide 28.5 dB. NRR. $120 a pair.

Hocks Noise Brakers® provide several years of custom comfort with every day, all day use which makes them a tremendous value and the can be made in bright orange, bright green or translucent. 

Hocks Noise Brakers® custom, , last for years, in fact, If you ears didn't grow they might well the only pair of custom earplugs you'd ever  need. $120 solid & $130 filtered.

Recreational Applications - Potential activities that can damage hearing include the following:operating recreational equipment such as attending sporting events such as football games, basketball games, stock car races, operating lawn equipment attending rock concerts, attending air shows, firing weapons while hunting, or during target practice. 

While these activities can damage hearing, many people do not wear hearing protection.Why not? Many people avoid the inconvenience of having to remove their earplugs to hear conversation, or their hearing protection is too uncomfortable to wear.

This is where Hocks Noise Brakers® clearly benefit the wearer.Protect Your Hearing and Still HearNoise Brakers® work by attenuating sound. Softer sounds are not reduced as much as louder sounds.

The Hocks Noise Brakers® unique way of reducing sound allows the wearer to carry on a conversation while protecting their hearing.  


Comfortable Hearing Protection Custom Hocks Noise Brakers® are ear plugs with a filter, made to fit the exact shape of ones ear.

The fit provides excellent comfort and the best seal possible.And because Hocks Noise Brakers® are a filter they allow air to enter the ear, minimizing any stuffy or plugged up feeling.

At Work and at Play - According to our surveys, over 60% of industrial users also wear their Noise Brakers® for personal use, testifying to both the effectiveness and the comfort of our hearing protection.

Noise Brakers® allow users to have normal conversations with other people, are very comfortable, and allow the user to hear important sounds and warning signals at all times.

These benefits, along with the hearing protection they provide, are great at work and at play.

Hocks Custom Earmold Lab is now providing custom hearing protection in Safety Green and Safety Orange.

Safety colors, the colors not found in nature, are the ideal solution for industrial use and are also popular with hunters and shooters. 

Your Custom Hearing Protection may be made either with or without the world famous Hocks Noise Braker® Filters.Color and cording options are available.

Occupational Application - Noise in the workplace can cause numerous health problems, resulting in absences, accidents, loss of productivity, and permanent hearing loss.Industry experts conclude that the affects of noise are detrimental to performance.

Steady noises do not interfere with human performance until the noise level exceeds about 90 dB.

Intermittent and impulse noises are more disruptive than steady noises, even when irregular sound level bursts are below 90 dB.Noise is more likely to reduce the accuracy of work than to reduce the total quantity of work.What can be done?

One of the simplest solutions is to insure that employees have good hearing protection.Millions of hearing protection plugs are sold each year to hunters, farmers, musicians, music lovers, and industrial workers, the latter being in the majority since the passage of 50.204.10 of the Walsh-Healey Act, Occupational Safety and Health Standards (OSHA).

The increased concern by industry, government, and public over the industrial hearing safety will continue until everyone exposed to dangerous noise levels owns some type of approved protection.

How the Noise Braker® Helps Industry.

Hocks Noise Brakers® are preferred by employers and employees for many reasons:contains an acoustical chamber which reduces all sound to approximately speech level permits the wearer to hear and carry on conversation at all times without removing or adjusting the unit, while protecting hearing can be worn continuously without discomfort.

The ear channel is not blocked made of soft material that can be cleaned easily change of elevation will not bother wearer have excellent retention instead of plugging or sealing the ear, Hocks Noise Brakers® are designed to allow air and sound up to 80 dBA to enter has no mechanical or electronic parts to move,wear out, or injure the ear.

Surveys show that more than 70% of workers using Hocks Noise Brakers® take them home for use in recreational activities Protecting Ears, On & Off the Job Compensation awarded to employees for hearing loss and  tinnitus due to noise exposure is growing at an alarming rate.

Surveys show that over 60% of industrial users of Hocks Noise Brakers® wear them off the job while operating chain saws, lawn mowers, tillers, shop equipment, boats, cars, motorcycles, aircraft, snowmobiles, shooting, and other recreational pursuits.

Many workmen are exposed to more noise off the job than on.

This is important to industry because, if employees are working in a noisy area, they can only be required to wear ear defense while on the job.

Unless they are satisfied with the ear protection, they won't wear them off the job and any loss will accrue to the employer's liability.  Hocks Noise Brakers® with filters cost $130.00 a pair and $115.00 a pair, without filters.

The price includes everything from professionally, made ear, impressions to all shipping charges.                                                         

Concert & Musician Applications

Concerts are loud. The avevage rock concert is 115 decibels, which a person can safely be exposed to for only 15 minutes a day.

As concerts are longer than 15 minutes, most concert goers are damaging their hearing, listening with unprotected ears.

This is dangerous for concert goers, but even more damaging to the musicians performing those concerts.Musicians and Hearing Protection.

Most musicians do not like hearing protection because they cannot hear their music when wearing solid ear protection.

Some forms of hearing protection are available that provide a speaker, helping the performer hear his/her own music, however, this can be quite expensive, and electronics have a bad habit of breaking down. This is where the Hocks Noise Brakers® shows its greatest strength.                         

Letting You Hear, while Protecting Your Hearing

Custom Hocks Noise Brakers®, hearing protection with a filter, reduces the volume entering your ear, while letting you hear, with no electronic parts to break or power cells to replace.

Music can be heard, and concerts enjoyed, while protecting your ears from dangerous sound levels.

Many musicians use this protection, from drummers to symphony members. Hocks Noise Brakers® with filters cost $130.00 a pair and $115.00 a pair, without filters. The price includes everything from professionally, made ear, impressions to all shipping charges.

 You'll love these.I guarentee it! Many people are not only faced with damaging noise on the job; they face it in everyday life. 

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