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Most people think hearing protection is for loud machines or blast, like shooting but most people don't think about hearing protection being just as necessary for loud people.  

The truth is nothing screams hearing protection like a screaming child or screaming fans at a sporting event or loud parties, night clubs and concerts.

Even if other loud/screaming people didn't get loud enough to cause hearing damage, and at 120 to 140 dB. they most assuredly do, but even if this wasn't the case, noise pollution is like any other pollution and too much of anything can stress a body out, cause fatigue and even depression.

No one needs an over dose of LOUD when they're in a crowd or the bone rattling stress inducing shrill of a child and least of all you or the people you care about.

The good news is if you/they can get to All Ears, in NE Portland, you/they can have a pair of convenient, comfortable, custom-fit earplugs made a get the LOUD out of your life.  

The Pro Filtered option is great for wait staff/people who serve the public.  

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