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All Ears products are all custom-fit to your ears and provide protection & comfort for years! 

All Ears products are all 100% Made In America!          Always The Best For A Lot Less!

 Pilots Molds Solid $170.00                                         Pilots Molds Filtered $215.00

Single Earpiece Models

Binuaral Earpiece Models

The Pilot's Mold is manufactured with an acrylic material to provide a secure and comfortable fit while dissipating body heat.

They can also be vented to compensate the 'plugged up' feeling of a solid mold.If you are looking for an exceptional customized pilot's mold, you will enjoy the selections we offer below.

Aviation/Pilots Molds

Today's pilots have several choices in headset communications.

Two of the more popular boom mic systems are the lightweight Telex5x5 Pro III and the Plantronics MS-50-T30-2. Both have the ability to work with a customized ear mold, which features an adjustable boom for positioning of the microphone.

We offer two types of boom bar attachments - "snap-in" and "screw-in" versions. The "snap-in" version gives the user the ability to adjust the boom bar immediately while in use. We recommend this version when quick positioning is important.

The "screw-in" version provides better secure mounting but limits the movement of the bar while in use.

Both options must be considered by the individual user depending on piloting activities that surround them during flight.

Please note. A dB NNR, (noise reduction rating), of around 30 offers the degree of hearing protection possible. See Sound Ed.

​​All Ears offers the largest selection of custom-fit, earplugs and a professional fit you wont get from any "crap shoot", "DIY" kit.

​​All Ears has something for all ears, including yours! If you use hearing protection to any extent...upgrading to custom is money well spent!

Easily & Comfortably, 

Escape Harmful or Unwanted Noise, Anytime And Anywhere! With A 

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The following custom-fit product(s) require impressions to be made at All Ears HP&S, located in NE Portland Oregon. 

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  Snap-In Model $115.00                                                Screw-In Model $115.00