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 Are you ready to join the all ears fan club? Of course you are!

Joining the 'All Ears Fan Club' is easy.

H ears how it works. If you are already a customer/client of All Ears Hearing Products And Services, then just email us at your name and we will email you a 3 digit, All Ears Fan Number,or AEFN. 

You must have and love a pair of All Ears Hearing Products And Services, custom-fit earplugs before you can be a "All Ears Fan". 

If you are not yet a customer of All Ears Hearing Products And Services, just call 503 775 9069, or email us at, to set a time to get fitted for a pair of comfortable, custom-fit, earplugs. 

As a member of the 'All Ears Fan Club' you get: 

- AE-Referral Rewards. $ee details below.  
- Monthly Special Offers.      

- To Have your, band, motorcycle club, etc. on the All Earsbook page, if you'd like.  Coming soon.    
- Bragging Rights. Let's face it...there's a prestigious aspect to being a 'All Ears Fan Club' member. 

AE-Referral Rewards By best estimations about 75% of ALL EARS HP&S customers were referred to ALL EARS HP&S by ALL EARS HP&S customers.

In other words, All Ears Hearing Products And Services thrives on "WORD OF MOUTH" from our customers. 

​Since this is the case and since ALL EARS HP&S appreciates your business, then it seems only fitting, that if you are pleased with the product(s) you've purchased from All Ears Hearing Products And Services, enough to refer folks to All Ears Hearing Products & Services, then monetary, appreciation be shown by giving you $5.00 for each person you refer, that purchases a pair of custom-fit, earplugs, plus $5.00 for each pair of custom earplugs they buy, beyond the first pair.

AE-Referral Rewards ~ Industrial Strength When a manufacture, processing, construction or repair company/business that you refer to All Ears Hearing Products And Services, purchases our products, you will receive $5.00 for each pair of custom-fit, earplugs purchased by that manufacture, processing, construction or repair company/business. 

You will receive $5.00 for each pair of custom-fit, earplugs purchased by that manufacture, processing, construction or repair company/business for as long as they continue to purchase from All Ears Hearing Products And Services. 

With both AE-Referral Rewards and AE-Referral Rewards~Industrial Strength just give the person, person(s), company or business you are referring, your 3 digit All Ears FanNumber, or AEFN. 

​Be sure to tell the person, person(s), company or business that you refer toAll Ears Hearing products & Services, to give us your 3 digit AEFN.If the person, person’s, company or business you refer forgets to give us/All Ears Hearing products & Services your 3 digit AEFN, at the time of their purchase, they can give it to us/All Ears Hearing Products & Services at any time after, and you will still get the credit.

You can have the cash, via Paypal, or pick-up, or mailed, (less $1.50), any time after, the person(s), you refer, 30-day return, period has passed. 

That cash will double if you use it toward purchase(s) of any of All Ears HP&S custom-fit, products.Since you must be an 'All Ears Fan Club' member to get your 3 digit AEFN and participate in AE-Referral Rewards and AE-Referral Rewards~Industrial Strength, just Return to the top of this page to see how easy it is to join.

This isn't an ordinary Website. The 'All Ears Fan Club' isn't an ordinary "Fan Club". All Ears Hearing Products & Service's earplugs, certainly are far from ordinary earplugs. I suppose this means that All Ears Hearing Products & Service's customers are... extraordinary!