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All Ears products are all custom-fit to your ears and provide protection & comfort for years! 

All Ears products are all 100% Made In America!          Always The Best For A Lot Less!

About Insta-Mold IITM

Our Insta-Mold II
TM earplugs are custom-fit to your ears, made in minutes and last for years!!!

Made By All Ears HP&S. (All Ears serves the Portland, Oregon area Only)                                     

“Custom Means Comfort And That Makes All The Difference”

Top Ten Reasons Why Insta-Mold IITM Silicone Custom Earplugs Have No Equal!

1. Exceptionally Comfortable - Custom fit and silicone softness make these earplugs fantastic for long periods of wear.

2. Insured Correct Placement Every Time - Unlike standard earplugs that rely solely on the user’s proper placement.

3. Precise Fit - Duplicating every crevice and contour of the ear, creating comfort and a super noise blocking seal.

4. 29.8 dB. NRR. - Highest Noise Reduction Rating of any custom-made plug. Standard earplugs can fall way below their stated NRR. According to N.I.O.S.H, , (National Institute of Occupational Safety and Health).

5. Made In Minutes And Ready To Use In About An Hour - You will receive your pair right away ~ no waiting two weeks to receive them back from the lab.

6. Durable - Medical grade silicon will last for years.

7. Cost 50% To 75% Less Then Custom Lab Made Earplugs.

8. Lightweight And Small - Not bulky and cumbersome like earmuffs.

9. Superior Water Resistance - Highest level of water pliancy ~ great swim plugs, too!

​10. Pull Handles - The left and right earplugs have tiny cord connectors ~ earplugs can be worn around the neck, when they are not in use. connectors ~ earplugs can be worn around the neck, when they are not in use. 

Note: The cord can easily be detached and re-attached. Each Pair come with a crush and water resistant pouch for safe storage. Note: Name and phone number can be written on the back of the pouch.  

Insta-MoldTM earplugs have been used for recreation for over
forty years providing an excellent solution for people looking for the best protection against water and/or loud noise levels such as shotgun blasts, wind-noise, music and power tools.

Made from a medical grade, hypo-allergenic silicone, Insta-MoldTM earplugs offer the ultimate in comfort because they are custom shaped to each individual's ears.

This eliminates the amount of discomfort usually faced with the common expanding foam earplugs, and the constant hassles of bulky earmuffs.

Earplugs made from Insta-MoldTM also remain flexible and soft throughout their life-time giving you several years of consistent use.

By obtaining this ultimate fit, earplugs, from Insta-Mold, achieve the best attainable NRR rating, and provide the maximum in hearing protection for the individual user.

Below is the actual noise attenuation chart preformed by one of the most reputable testing facilities in the world. It accurately displays the amount of protection you will receive from a properly fit set of Insta-Mold's through the common frequency spectrum.

How Much Protection Can One Expect From a Well-Fit Pair of Insta-Mold Ear Protectors?Look at the chart below to see the results for yourself!Frequency (Hz)125      250     500    1000    2000    3000   4000   6000    8000 Mean Attenuations                                                                         (dB)   25.      130.    233.     234.     236.    137.    940.    842.    040.4 Standard Deviations                                                                    (dB) 1.73.       73.     82.       33.        74.     74.       35.    03.6 

All tests were conducted in accordance with ANSI (1974 and 1984) and EPA - 1979 Standards performed by: Michael J. Metz, Ph.D - Audiology AssociatesReviewed by: Garry G. Gordon, M.S.NRR (per EPA-1979) 29.8 dB. NRR.

Other recognizable groups or individuals wearing Insta-Mold's:

U.S. Air Force SWIM CANADA F.B.I. Royal Air Force SWAT teams world wide Secret Service U.S. National Guard U.S. Olympic Shooting Team Johnny Unser (professional driver)Gen. Schwarzkopf (ret.) Jon Kruger (champion shotgun shooter)Casey Atkinson (champion shotgun shooter)Kim Rhode (U.S. Olympian)Gil and Vicki Ash (instructors)Louise Mandrell (entertainer), Doug Koening (champion pistol shooter) and hundreds of others.

Points to remember when getting fit for a pair of earplugs from Insta-MoldTM.

For maximum results, your Insta-Mold Earplugs should be made with a syringe by All Ears Hearing Products And Services.

Insta-MoldTM ear protection is virtually non-shrinkable and can be used in a variety of noise or water related activities.

Unlike other imitations, Insta-Molds use a "Seal-Kote" to add luster and provides a "skin" to protect the mold against dirt and grime.

For growing ears in children and adults, Insta-Molds can be made tighter by reapplying an Insta-Seal coating to the outside of the earplugs.

Insta-Molds are hypoallergenic and nontoxic to normal skin containing a special salt complex that works as an antiseptic astringent and fungicide.

Insta-Molds are known for providing a reliable "tissue-to-tissue" fit that duplicates every crevice and contour of the ear.Only Insta-Mold silicones are reinforced with the highest levels of hydrophobic (water repelling) organo-siloxane groups.

Insta-MoldTM was worn by the first U.S. Gold Medallist in the U.S. Summer Olympics, Atlanta, Georgia,1996.The Insta-Mold process is the only proven and accepted procedure published in the Archives of Otolaryngology.

No other instant system can make this claim. Kasden, M.A., Robinson, M.D., "Fabrication of Custom-Made Ear Plugs for Swimming" Archive Otolaryngology, Volume 100, July 1974.  

In addition to recreational and medical accounts, these are but a few of the 1,000's of industrial and manufacturing entities, in more than 30 countries worldwide, whose employees use earplugs made from Insta-MoldTM.

Yes, there seems to be no end to loud, unwanted noise.

These comfortable, custom earplugs are worth their weight in gold, because in addition to protecting your hearing, from hearing loss, they reduce or eliminate stress and fatigue caused by irritating and/or damaging noise.Irritating sounds or sounds loud enough to cause hearing loss, are in fact, noise pollution.

Noise pollution, like any type of pollution, can have a negative impact on our health. The good news is, noise pollution is something you can easily and very comfortably eliminate.

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