Custom Earplugs Placement & Removal

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Custom Earplugs Placement & Removal



The proper way to insert custom, earplugs, in your ears, is to insert the stem, then push in and twist.  

​Start with the earplug upside down
  aim the “stem” of the earplug at your ear canal opening.  

​Now, insert the canal stem into your ear canal.   Rotate to the rear and top of your ear while pushing inward.


​Make sure the earplug is fully inserted at both the top and bottom of your ear. 

​The proper way to remove the earplug is to insert your index finger under the top rear of the earplug.

​Then tilt out     and roll   forward  then   remove. 


It may be a bit awkward at first but it will quickly be as natural as breathing.

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